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Phonographs and Xylographic Prints at La Pampa

If you are curious about the prints that inspired Van Gogh, take a look at the blogspot from argentinean collector Héctor Carrozzi, where he offers and shows a part of  his own large XIX Century print´s collection.

We were lucky to meet Mr. Héctor Carrozzi and his wife Marucca this February on our journey through La Pampa in a little town called General Villegas. He received us at his place which he shares with a large collection of antique phonographs from all over the world. He let us hear a Carlos Gardel record in different perfect working gramophones and introduced us to another of his fields of collection:

Passionate about the pictorial art of illustrated journals of the XIX Century, he built up a vast and good catalogued collection of prints from magazines like The GraphicThe Illustrated London News, Didot and Le Monde Illustre,  which documented news and topical issues with unbound illustrations from specialized draughtsmen. Since some years Mr. Carrozzi digitalizes and indexes his collection in a crossed entries system like “Country”, “History”, “Botany”, etc. There are over thousand sheets archived, all in very good condition and he aims to sell the collection. Don´t hesitate to contact this connoisseur, if you are interested in this subjects !!!