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Established 2010 in Berlin, Transatlantica offers unusual furniture, fine objects and artifacts from the North and South American Continent. We collect, exhibit and sell rarely known design products from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. We are collectors and share this passion with our clients. And as collecting consists in conserving, recycling and investigating we like to understand what we are doing as a contribution to discover and rediscover objects from the limbo.

We are interested in furniture as product of its time, as culture history relators, and understand every single piece in its context, thus we develop yearly new collections focused on differents periods of 20th Century Design History.

We are based in Berlin and have partners in Providence, Rhode Island, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina. We deliver 20th century design from American Art Deco and Modernism to the 60´s as well as exclusive limited editions of Contemporary Design.

Looking for rarer examples of American design, owners Verónica Martínez Balletbó and Christian Herzig make frequent trips abroad to personally source their singular pieces. With backgrounds in Architecture and XX Century Art History, Verónica and Christian have an extensive knowledge to share and warmly welcome your next visit.